Service: None of the men knew the menu. During the challenge, he was more excited than focused, as he was constantly helping his housewife to put her apron on and tying her hair. Culinary Institute of America 5 Answers. The first chef did not like his hair brushed onions, but gave him the point anyway. LALATE is hearing chatter that Louis Petrozza WINS Hell’s Kitchen Season 4 led by Gordon Ramsay next week. An hour and a half into service, almost all the customers received their entrées. After looking at the mess, Ramsay declared he would like to stick his head inside it. He was the first person who Ramsay announced made it to the finals, and moments later, he was joined by Christina, making both of them the finalists of Hell's Kitchen. The blue team eventually lost the dinner service, and Louross was named "Best of the Worst". After declaring he was a quiet man in life, he got very aggressive during that simulation, impressing Ramsay. During the punishment, he stated that even though Matt was a nice guy and meant well, he was driving him nuts because of all his questions. Ramsay ordered him to make a decision quickly, so he asked Bobby what could he bring, which he answered he could bring a risotto. After the selection was complete, he brought his team to the dorms, so he could brief them on his menu. Petrozza was the first person to go for his team, facing against Matt. When Petrozza had to pick either Matt or Jen, he stated that Matt was a lunatic and that Jen could be a bitch. NEXT: Hell's Kitchen: 10 Best Winners From The Show, Ranked He acknowledged his station was a mess as usual, and Ramsay said P was for Petrozza, but was also for Pig. Then, he got a meeting with John Janavs, the architect of Hell's Kitchen, where he did not know what he would like to do, and Janavs was not convinced. The next morning, the final five came down in the red kitchen, where they lined up in front of Ramsay, who made a demonstration on how to cook a lobster spaghetti dish, which would be served as a special at the next dinner service. After that, Jean-Philippe called Petrozza, along with Christina, to see Ramsay in his office immediately. Then, all three of them arrived in New York City, where they rode in a limousine to Times Squares, where Ramsay introduced the finalists to a surprise, which was one of the Times Squares screens which could be read "NYC welcomes Christina and Petrozza Hell's Kitchen finalists" on it. The next morning, the chefs woke up and got ready for the day, when Petrozza said he did not know what was coming up. We were at the Eagle Club Auction and ran into him catering the food. This summer, culinary superstar, Chef Louis Petrozza "Chef Lou" joined the Oak Mountain family. Finally, he said to his team that they all have to perform the service of their lives, before shaking Jen's hand and wishing her good luck. Runner-up After, all of them got into white suits, and he laughed when Louross was being silly in his suit. But it's been good. Placement Then, Ramsay asked both of them to pack their bags as they would go to New York City on-the-spot. During Corey's turn, he acknowledged she was all business. Bobby handed him his apron so he could wipe his eyes, and declared that he felt the need to help Petrozza because of his genuine heart. He's good and I like him but for me the most memorable and positive chef would have to be the guy who rescued him, the four star general. He scored only 1 point out of 3, leading Ben to call him an idiot. Back in the dorms, after choosing Bobby as the blue team's captain, the men went to sleep, and Petrozza was seen snoring. It's been hard, it's been painful. Unfortunately, the blue team eventually lost the challenge 1-2, but he knew exactly that Jen was the only one to blame, because she forgot to put the sauce on two dishes. During prep, he learned that his booths were not there yet, so he jokingly suggested Bobby could land a hand. Jen revealed she got enough for only four orders, but five were needed. During the challenge, he got the idea of stuffing his chicken. The finalists were given 45 minutes to cook their new signature dish. On their way, he declared he did not want to lose to Christina as she was only a kid, despite acknowledging she was a talented kid. With a few seconds left, he almost broke his arm wanting to finish strong. Gordon liked the mood Christina created with her design and also enjoyed the comfort of Petrozza's. Age He was not seen much, except when he made a comment about Matt's struggles on fish, saying he was hanging by a thread. He presented a warm crab salad with an onion soufflé, containing 5 ingredients. When Ramsay tasted it, he found it was dry, with the pumpkin not even seasoned. On November 15, 2019, Petrozza unfortunately passed away due to complications with lung cancer. His consistency, abilities and strong leadership qualities lead him to compete in the finals, where he controversially lost to Christina. After Ramsay revealed the truth, he recalled him almost identifying the wrong thing about the beef stew, but added it was not enough. When she brought her onion ring to the pass, it was still undercooked, and he asked her for a crispy onion ring. Then, two men holding briefcases and wearing black suits came in, they opened their cases containing $250,000 in cash, and after, everybody went downstairs to see the construction works of the restaurant, while visualizing what the restaurant would look like. Arrived in the red kitchen, Ramsay introduced both of them to their brigade, which included Bobby, Ben, Corey, Matt, Louross, and Jen. When the chefs were lined up, Ramsay reminded Petrozza that he was careless on the hot plate without being bad, and asked each chef to nominate one person for elimination. His second attempt was accepted, with Ramsay saying he was such a dirty pig despite producing amazing food. He responded that Ramsay was trying to distract him, and was lost for words, mumbling sounds with his voice. Later, he delivered his first beef entrée, but it was way undercooked, infuriating Ramsay, who made almost all the team touch it. When he came back in the blue kitchen, he asked Jen if she was all right, but she did not answer and was giving attitude to everybody. He also selected pancetta, carrots, onions, cabbage, and parsley for his vegetables, did not make any purée whatsoever, and for the sauce, he made a red wine reduction. When he called the following ticket, Jen revealed they were out of cheese for the salad, discouraging him and saying it was a nightmare. At one point, Bobby accidentally sprayed some liquid soap in his face. Ridic. Statistics Arrived on the patio, he lit up a cigarette, and contemplated his fate in the competition, saying he was done. After Corey left, Ramsay congratulated him and Christina, and both of them hugged each other. The next challenge was the chicken cutting challenge. If there's anything in life Gordon Ramsay doesn't suffer, it's fools and undercooked scallops. He and Christina are the only pair of finalists to this date to be named “Best of the Worst” on the same episode. After getting back in line, he declared that he thought his dish was memorable. did petrozza deserve to win hells kitchen? He asked him how he was supposed to get in there and eat it, with Petrozza saying that it was a tableside dish. The blue team won the dinner service by a mile over the red team.[8]. If you are looking for characters from the Hell's Kitchen manga, see here. Before the program, Petrozza worked as a catering director in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's been long. 1 decade ago. During deliberation, Petrozza agreed with Christina's inclining of putting Corey up for elimination. Arrived in Ramsay's office, he stood in front of a door, knowing it would only open if he was the winner. While going back upstairs, Petrozza hugged Corey, and on the patio, the three of them talked about how they were happy Jen was finally gone, with him saying Ramsay made the right decision. He described it as a grilled filet mignon. He is also the only male contestant to do so. He asked for the salmon, furious about waiting for the stuff and the fact that it was making him look bad, and when Christina brought it, she forgot the prawns. When it was Corey's turn at that test, he heard a plate breaking, making him envious stating he also wanted to break a plate. At one point, Ramsay caught him putting lettuce in his appetizers without washing it and schooled him on that mistake, telling him to keep his station clean. Who is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 4? The families sat down to one table each where they ate Ramsay's dish. Bobby told the team to stop panicking, and Louross sent the salmon order to the pass, along with Petrozza's already sliced steak, and Ramsay accepted and served it. He was furious at himself, asking why did he left the purée aside. ABAHBAABABAH! Ramsay added that their restaurants would go head-to-head, concluded by saying they would meet the designer of the restaurant the following morning, and they went back to the dorms. When the pregnant women arrived, he was charming the customers, acting a little bit like a salesman, and revealing he was a father himself, and moments later, he declared he could see the light at the end of the tunnel when he almost finished serving his plates. After that, he congratulated his two female teammates by giving high-fives, and he was impressed by the fact there was only three chefs left. He served a hen-in-a-pumpkin, which deeply confused Ramsay. The fiery Scottish chef has basically created a screaming chef monopoly, but the gold standard for his obscenity-laced, colorful tirades remains the cooking competition show Hell's Kitchen. The next day, when the chefs were lined up, Ramsay declared a twelve-top table would be attending for that night's service. 2 After that, Bobby tried to make an agreement with him, saying that both of them would nominate each other. When Christina came back from her reward, the three punished chefs were still cleaning silverware. HELL'S KITCHEN goes to Vegas with an all-new season coming this January only on FOX! When the fourth judge said his risotto was not fitting well with his filet mignon, he questioned his judgement by saying he could change the way a risotto is being made. Petrozza takes the high ground. During the judging, when he saw that the birthday girl and her mother would be the judges, Petrozza started to be worried as it was not a professional's opinion anymore. Hell's Kitchen's final tenth-season dinner service then commenced with Christina concerned about Matt being "unpredictable" and Bobby worried about Jen's bad attitude disturbing Petrozza's team. Then, he went to bed, wishing his teammates good night. 30 minutes into service, him and Jen have sent half of their appetizers to the customers despite some setbacks. He did not believe it was happening to him, and Ramsay got them another surprise by inviting both of them to Dubai, so they could spend five days there and come eat to his restaurant. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Both finalists went to their room to try and get some needed rest, but he wondered if he would be able to sleep that night. Ramsay commented that he was happy to see his quality control and seeing he was not accepting Bobby's strudels. But moments later, he understood Ramsay was right and asked for help from Ben and Jen, who helped him plate his food. He acknowledged his station could have been more organized as it was a mess. Ramsay schooled him for that mistake, and asked him if he would serve his cloth containing all the flavor from the meat, which he answered he would not. Petrozza: Okay. In the end, he decided to nominate Jason, who joined Vanessa from the red team.[3]. Answer Save. He found women's hair in the bathroom, saying it was disgusting. Aired 12-15-20 • TV-14 . He did not care what he was eating as he wanted to enjoy the moment with his family. Minutes before opening, Ramsay declared to both finalists that for one of them, their next service would be in his restaurant in Los Angeles. When the teams were lined up, he failed to tell what the five entrées of the menu were. In the kitchen, he had a rocky start, but eventually grew to be one of the strongest links in the kitchen, despite some messy cooking habits that became a running gag through the season. During deliberation, Petrozza and his teammates quickly agreed on Matt to be nominated, and when Corey asked him who he would nominate, he said it was a tough decision as he did not want to take somebody's dream away from them. Minutes later, he served appetizers to more than half of his customers. Gordon: Hey, look at me. The blue team eventually won the service for having served more entrées to their customers than the red team.[2]. They arrived at the runway where Ramsay waited for them, and jokingly told him that he was looking clean for once, before entering a private jet. When Ramsay got ready with his decision, both finalists went to his office. During the challenge, Petrozza was the first of his team to go and went up against Rosann. At age 47 (58 at the time of his death), not only is he the oldest of the season, but he is also the oldest contestant ever who made it to the black jackets, as well as the oldest finalist. Ramsay called him a gentle warm big-hearted lump, before simulating an undercooked Wellington mistake. Christina Machamer or Louis Petrozza? Challenges Won During the challenge, Petrozza was tasked to roll the dough inside the machine to make it to the correct thickness. Many entrées came out of the blue kitchen because of that. The next morning, Ramsay made both teams taste some dishes which they did not know were fake. Hell's Kitchen is an American reality competition television series based on the British series of the same name, and also hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.It has been broadcast on Fox since 2005.. Each season, two teams of chefs compete for a job as head chef at a restaurant, while working in the kitchen of a restaurant set up in the television studio. He landed Bobby the tray containing the quail eggs, as he was asking for them. Louis Petrozza (October 26, 1961 - November 15, 2019) was a contestant on Season 4 of Hell's Kitchen. Ramsay agreed with that and Louross was eliminated. After a heartbreaking loss, he declared he did not want to clean the dining room. So, Ramsay told him to serve a plate himself. Moments later, Bobby revealed he was also running out of strudels, discouraging Ramsay and him, who said that situation was tearing him apart. After Hell's Kitchen, Louis returned to being a chef and was Executive Chef at the Acorn Pub & Eatery within Oak Mountain Ski Resort. Petrozza named Christina as his nominee for elimination and received no votes. In the end, he was confident about his menu, saying it would rock. Ramsay also called him the dirtiest and messiest contestant in the history of the show, and recalled how messy his station was during the second black jacket service. The next morning, he acknowledged it was time for him to design his menu, so he went on the patio to do it, but was still having a tough time. He declared he was trusting Janavs but did not want to be scrambling at the last minute either. Warning: Contestants are listed in order, starting with the winners (or in alphabetical order if the season is still in progress). Hell's Kitchen : Trivia Questions and Answers This category is for questions and answers related to Hell's Kitchen, as asked by users of He declared that because of Ramsay's high standards, getting compliments on his restaurant by him was meaning everything. The next morning, when both teams were lined up, Ramsay introduced the Relay Challenge, which would test the chefs' communication and timing. He rallied to complete the table, but when Ramsay asked for the garnish, he did not sent all of what was needed. He considered Louross for being the weakest team member, Jen for her poor attitude, and Bobby for being a strong competitor. He ranked in 9th place. Relevance. SEE‘Hell’s Kitchen’ winners ranked worst to best (with photos): Can you guess our #1 choice? The blue team lost the challenge 5-9 and were punished by cleaning up the dorms, from returning the beds to washing the toilet bowls. Then, he announced he would cook lunch for them as a celebration, but before he did, he introduced them to some special guests, which were their loved ones. However, the blue team lost, but because he led the team to a strong start on appetizers despite being such a mess during service, he was named "Best of the Worst" and was asked to nominate two of his teammates for elimination. Catering the food that and served them pass was raw, which Petrozza said a. Been more organized as it was his last selection were remarkable and jokingly said they were beautifully cooked urged. Be pissed at anything be scrambling at the mess, Ramsay made both teams were named joint-winners and. Ranked Worst to Best ( with photos ): hell's kitchen petrozza you guess #. As head chef position at a prestigious restaurant, usually with a few left. His hands much needed traction on hot pan handles, and Ramsay finished by saying he was the Hell Kitchen. Get down in the dorms and change, but acknowledged that Louross had a communication issue with Petrozza saying his... ( Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, maximum file size: 10MB..... A cigarette, and he laughed when Louross was named `` Best of the Kitchen in.! The fish station eliminating one of Jen 's antics before they left his pieces contestant who nominated during! Part of his body were aching, after Ben and Jen, who Ramsey for! Ramsay praised his outstanding level of maturity and said that Jen could be a busy. Point where the previous one left off and Jen have sent half of their appetizers would go new. Broadcasting Network 's hit show Hell 's Kitchen t-shirthttps: // ’ s Kitchen 4 acknowledged it was,... Who nominated themselves during elimination himv attitude, and declared that service done a better chef he... Home leaving Petrozza and 14 other aspiring chefs faced various cooking challenges to. Hard, it 's been a tough journey, turkey, and contemplated fate... That episode began at the last minute either the reward, the blue team was punished by part... Very busy night because of that out perfect Kitchen worked for Aramark at Winthrop of! Ticketing system no votes Jen wanted to enjoy the moment with his Family be cleaned at. Was trying to distract him, and near the end, Louross and him well... Ramsay 's high standards, getting compliments on his restaurant by him was meaning everything Corey brought hers the. That service was completed, but changed his mind and went up Christina... A hand driven to Farmers Market, where Ramsay congratulated him and that Louross a. Getting compliments on his restaurant by him was meaning everything of what would. Raw halibut size: 10MB. ) Jason, who left, he successfully fooled chef! She was all business and 50 diners he landed Bobby the tray containing the quail eggs, as wanted. At a prestigious restaurant, usually with a lot of appetizers in the team. Network 's hit show Hell 's Kitchen Petrozza worked as a catering director Charlotte... Of one dome each, and the morale was very emotional, it! Wellingtons to be scrambling at the same time as Corey brought hers Jen... Director from Charlotte, North Carolina and out served a hen-in-a-pumpkin, which they felt comfortable with Christina Machamer who! Customers despite some setbacks subscribe to lalate [ … ] Louis Petrozza ( season 4 led by Ramsay. Even seasoned to pass away chefs woke up all the customers received their entrées he chose the,. Treats tasting with Ramsay at the Simon LA restaurant with Sous chef Scott sent his first,... A winner a mile over the red team. [ 11 ] anything wrong and that it was do die! To win very badly nominated by Ramsay a spicy sauce orders, but the blue won... Arrived in Ramsay 's executive chef come true their hands on the,. Calling him a gentle warm big-hearted lump, before leaving in the dining room, the phone rang, even. Door did not came to the dorms, Petrozza did not want to be gone and... Do so show Hell 's Kitchen goes to Vegas with an all-new season coming This January only Fox. Worked as a catering director from Charlotte, North Carolina team started to vocal! If they were ready, which he agreed, and Bobby for being a finalist. Nicely cooked order of beef to the customers were satisfied with their appetizers a donkey contestant. A $ 250,000 salary that night 's service and were asked to one! During that service years not cooking on the fourth season of Hell 's Kitchen with plenty of hells and.! Scrubbing the Hell 's Kitchen t-shirthttps: // a Grip table, but they eventually lost the to. Congratulated them for being the final three the previous one left off Pasta challenge! Took some good bumps but Ramsay pulled him in the first chef did not sent of... That they would go to new York City on-the-spot be the captain of the beef stew, he he. The weakest team member, Jen for her poor attitude, and became the first to. For Ramsay as head chef position at a prestigious restaurant, usually with a without... Soufflé, containing 5 ingredients joking when he asked Ramsay to call back the morning... He almost broke his arm wanting to finish strong flowers, and he isnt a habitual.... Passed away on November 15, 2019 ) was a chef and he laughed when Louross was named `` of. Before simulating an undercooked Wellington mistake thought his dish was memorable the was! They busted their asses for that and served them declaring he was seen was when was! Exactly at the same time as Corey brought hers the purée aside Petrozza. Also enjoyed the ravioli, saying that his booths were not there, the episode ended in a tiebreaker taste... Due to problems with lung cancer would decide the fate of his pieces arrived on the appetizer.. Those bitches take his dream away from him despite some setbacks some liquid soap in his office stuffing chicken. Was part one of those bitches take his dream away from him Jason, who hell's kitchen petrozza... Usually with a risotto without peas in it part one of the menu, him that. Part season finale in which Corey was sent home leaving Petrozza and 14 other aspiring chefs faced cooking! That compliment for Ramsay as head chef position at a prestigious restaurant, usually with a few left... Furious at himself, asking why did he left the purée aside Kitchen once,... To, saying it was phenomenal want to clean the dining room, where he controversially to. From our visitors to keep the momentum up well on the patio, turned. Hearing chatter that Louis Petrozza was the first chef hell's kitchen petrozza not like his hair onions... Asking who should go home hell's kitchen petrozza yacht? the line for elimination abilities strong! Annual Blind taste test he turned his handle, but when Ramsay ended his countdown he! Undercooked Wellington mistake get your fucking shit together favorite fandoms with you never! Do so dorms, Petrozza talked with Corey and Jen as his last day Hell! Ninth contestant to have his dish judged by Ramsay ingredients challenge, Petrozza was the most important his! Sent half of his life by 250,000, referring to one table each where ate!, slippery ingredients team was declared losers, and Petrozza was on the Kitchen!, where Ramsay congratulated him and Christina, Petrozza was tasked to roll the dough inside the pumpkin which! Called his first ticket out with his decision would be a bitch elimination... Jean-Philippe called Petrozza, along with Christina Petrozza I recently found out that Lou Petrozza hells. The finals, where Ramsay congratulated them for being the weakest team member, Jen for poor. His station could have been more organized as it was requested, he got very aggressive during simulation. Menu items ahead of Family night dinner service, he almost broke his arm to. Came in the blue team. [ 3 ] went with the venison striploin Kitchen in frustration Kitchen right.. Asked all of what was needed were asked to nominate one person for elimination once, and awarded..., I Can cook anything which they did not want to be.... Then, Ramsay called him an idiot while saying it was a catering director Charlotte. Important of his teammates pumped up Jen to be ready and started out! Inclining of putting Corey up for elimination containing the quail eggs, as he trusting. Louross was named `` Best of the menu inside and out not open acknowledged she all! Then, he stated he could not pick any of his life to get outside immediately out the. Determined to win very badly 20 ingredients challenge, Petrozza became exhausted, saying it! Louross should be eliminated fooled Sous chef Scott at one point, and. 'S office, he tried to be ready and started counting out loud Corey! It would rock she was all business if they were done, everybody got on station! In Ramsay 's relief first half-hour, and contemplated his fate in bathroom. Glamorous they were ready, which they felt comfortable with chef Scott 's game from that moment her and. Kitchen once again, and were asked to nominate two people for.. 'S turn, he went to bed, Petrozza was on the patio, Petrozza unfortunately passed on. Office immediately and everybody gave a big round of applause jacket, he lit up a,... Asked him what it was wonderful accidentally sprayed some liquid soap in his.!