First up is the resistor solution. A load resistor essentially serves the same purpose as the incandescent bulb in the solution described above – it simulates an electrical load, drawing sufficient current to the dimmer switch. Yes its working again! Always perform mechanical troubleshooting in addition to electrical trouble shooting for My MCU can go up to 10mA so I changed the base resistor with 270R so now base current 9.60mA and Emitter 49mA with 10R resistor load. so now I'm just confused if I have something major going on or is it possible I now have the wrong resistor? Soooo the fix is load resisters, got a pair at AutoZone for $12.99. Now (with correct setup) my question is: I count 49mA on Emitter with 10R (load resistor) and 220R on base. a 10 watt 10 ohm resistor worked for a bit but quickly quit working. I attached installation instructions and a couple pictures for this product that shows how it installs. Load Resistor Use for Voltage Sensing by Arduino. This happens with a lot of cheap tail lights there is not resistance figured in when they build them so most systems see a burnt out light or like this something does not work that has to deal with the brake or running lights. You have right: 8.35mA on base. Im going through the same thing with trying to find the wires under the seat. I'm assuming the module is located under the seat, just unplug and reconnect with the XC module correct? I am pretty sure that it's because of my code. To verify that the load resistor is working correctly, you must ohm the resistor out using your multi meter. I believe no load electronic flashers are the way to go. There is also the alternative to the load equalizer: swap the flasher module to the XC module, it should work without doing any additional wiring at all. If you install 2, it might lead to other issues. The term Load resistor is often comes into practice in mathematical modelling of a circuit. asked Apr 14 '18 at 8:17. They get wired into the signaling circuit via a parallel connection, one resistor per LED signal. LOAD RESISTOR: In Electronics Load is referred to device or component which draws current from a circuit and connected to its output. The load resistor must read above .5 ohms. So there you have it. my old resistor was marked- Dale-cw-5 250 ohms 5%. I checked your order and it looks like you bought a total of 4 LED lights, because of that I would recommend you get two sets of Putco LED Light Bulb Load-Resistors # P230004C-2. So Load resistor is a resistor that is connected at the output stage of a circuit to draw current from the circuit. Yes, you will need a load resistor for each LED bulb you install on a turn signal circuit. If a normal amount of current were flowing through the resistor and you tried to test the resistor, not only will your reading be inaccurate, but you could damage the resistor … Without getting too technical, this simply means that the circuit experiences some additional current through the resistors when the LED signal comes on. Got a pair for 6 bucks each on e bay. Could you please help me ... arduino-uno lcd button potentiometer resistor. Is it ok with you if I change the question or better to make new? If the resistor reads anything less than .5 ohms, then replace the load resistor. One for each side is enough, usually. ... My problem is that my button (all buttons) is working sometimes and sometimes not. then when I went to check everything I touched the resistor and wow it was hot. the one I just bought only says ezgo 21764G1 resistor assembly.